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School Social Worker School Counseling
Job Opportunities

Birch Agency is actively recruiting School Social Workers for positions throughout the United States.  Our school social workers help identify social and psychological issues that can block academic progress.  Through counseling, crisis intervention and prevention programs, our social workers and counselors help young people overcome the difficulties in their lives, and as a result, give them a better chance at succeeding in school.


Birch agency has excellent job opportunities for School Social Workers and School Counselors.  We offer full-time and part-time jobs.   We place School Social Workers and School Counselors in school based positions throughout the country.  Birch Agency works with public, private and charter schools to provide services to the special education and general education population.  We have job opportunities for new graduates, seasoned professionals and retirees who are looking for travel or part-time opportunities.

Services Provided by School Social Workers and Counselors:

  • Administer social work services as defined through students’ IEP
  • Facilitate intervention programming
  • Serve as a member of School Based Intervention Teams/School Improvement Teams
  • Oversee individualized assessment and progress monitoring
  • Educate parents on intervention strategies
  • Connect families with community mental health resources
  • Provide group/individual counseling
  • Work with students and families to support students’ behavioral and academic success
  • Set goals for improvement for students and implement interventions necessary to help students meet those goals
  • Maintain professional documentation of services and referrals provided to students and families
  • Address students’ emotional, social, and behavioral needs, with an emphasis on the provision of evidenced-based services
  • Provides staff development and consultative services on pertinent issues affecting students’ learning, social/emotional and behavioral health


  • Master’s degree in School Social Work or School Counseling

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Compensation is based on experience.  For additional information on our School Social Workers job openings, send your resume to hr@birchagency.com or contact us for more information.