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Special Education Job Opportunities

Join our team

Birch Agency is committed to working with people who have a passion for helping students in special education reach their full potential.  If this is you, we want to talk.

Helping you grow

We offer continuing education reimbursement to all of our employees even if you are just working part-time.  Special education is constantly changing, and we are interested in working with people who want to continue learning.  We are invested in helping you grow.

How we are different

We are here to help you grow your career.  If we don’t have a job opening that fits what you are looking for, we will try to find something that does.  Most staffing companies will only call you about job opportunities that they already have, but we work very hard for our candidates to find the right position for them.


Birch Agency has excellent full and part-time job opportunities in special education.  We place special education professionals in public, private and charter schools, and our staff have opportunities to work with populations birth to 21.

We offer contract, contract-to-permanent, and permanent placement job opportunities throughout the United States.

Up for a little adventure?

Have you always wanted to try living some place new to see if you like it before you make a permanent move, or maybe you want to live in a new place every school year getting paid to travel and experience unique opportunities all over the country?  We can help, and we may even be able to pay for your housing, meals, and incidentals. But, don’t worry, if you need to stay put, we have local positions too.


Are you relocating to a new area and feeling overwhelmed with trying to find a place to live and find a new job?  Let our recruiters help take the stress out of the job search!  Birch Agency recruiters are knowledgeable about the areas they work in and can help you to find a great position with a school that is a perfect match for your experience.  We can even offer relocation assistance.

 Full Benefits

We care about our employees!  We want you to be happy and healthy which is why we offer full benefits to our employees including health and dental.

Who we are recruiting right now:

 Birch Agency has job opportunities for Special Education and Health Professionals throughout the United States.  We are actively recruiting the following:

  • School Psychologists
  • Speech Pathologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Sign Language Interpreters
  • Teachers of the Deaf
  • School Social Workers
  • School Nurses
  • Intervention Specialists and Behavioral Specialists
  • Teachers of the Visually Impaired
  • Orientation and Mobility Specialists
  • Special Education Teachers

If you would like more information about our jobs, please contact us or email us at hr@birchagency.com.