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Special Education Teacher Job Opportunities

Birch Agency has job opportunities for Special Education Teachers in public, private and charter schools throughout the country.  Our Special Education Teachers provide specialized instruction to students with special needs to help them achieve their highest potential and strive to progress beyond limitations.  Birch Agency has special education teaching jobs in public, private, and charter schools.

Opportunities Available:

Early Intervention
Kindergarten – High School
Full-time and part-time teaching jobs
Positions working with variety of disabilities and levels of severity


  • Provide direct/group instructions to students with disabilities
  • Develop lesson plans/instructional material to meet needs of student’s IEP
  • Conduct educational assessments
  • Attend IEP meetings
  • Assist in planning and development of IEP
  • Facilitate implementation of special education services
  • Collaborate with other members who are part of the special education team
  • Employ a variety of teaching styles to respond to needs of diverse learners
  • Effectively communicate with parents/caregivers and staff to support student’s academic success
  • Modify traditional education curriculum to meet student’s needs
  • Ensure appropriate accommodations are available for classroom instruction and testing
  • Employ techniques for positive behavioral support
  • Assist in the collection of data for providing appropriate classroom interventions


  • Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in Special Education
  • Teachers Certificate
  • Additional Certification/Endorsement as required by state law

Join our Team!
Compensation is based on experience.  For additional information on our Special Education Teacher job openings, send your resume to hr@birchagency.com or contact us for more information.